SpaceScapes:  Glowing Emerald  Nebula  36 x 36  Acrylic on Canvas


​Abstract:    Flight, Light, St​ability, Trials                                                                     24" x 24" x 1.5"                                                                           A/C                                                                              $ 1825.00

 Abstracts, to me, are always a surprise.  I never know what to expect. Ranging anywhere from a recognizable subject to totally obscure.  Both are viable art forms.

Most images are available

in these formats:

canvas print

framed print

art print

acrylic print

metal print

greeting cards


By going to the website listed 

below, you may order any (or all)

of these items of your favorite

image in whatever size you wish.


 Red Square              24 x 36              A/C            $ 1350.         

Landscapes can be found in a realistic style as well as Abstract style – both of which I do.

Fine Arts paintings for home, office commercial buildings, any place suitable to hangart for the visual esthetics and personal enjoyment​.

HangUps are photographs mostly selected for their ability to make great posters, wall hangings, murals and just about anything you could think of for your room decoration. The photos have been accumulated over four decades of traveling and scuba diving.

​​Spiritual themes



My first portrait painted from photo–graph. I do not do sitting portraits. My transition from the model's face to canvas is not so good. ​ My clients would not like the results as well as being extremely unhappy with me!

 Essie II        24  x  30          A/C       $ 750.

   Russian River TX       24 x 24       A/C     $

Print:   Lost Creek    Size, material ​determines price (frame not included)
Religious subjects I have not painted that many of, reason being the subject matter is so subjective, it helps to be in the right mood to 
paint that theme.

 Shadrack                         30" x 24"                           A/C                  $ 1250 .  




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​​By far my favorite subject.  When I first saw the beautiful images taken by Hubble Space Telescope I knew I had to paint them.  To date, I have completed over thirty paintings of these images with an endless source for more. 

 Supernova Blast Wave         36  x 36    A/C          $3000.